Rainbow Riches Cheats

We have put together a list of some of the top Rainbow Riches cheats to help you get the most out of this popular slot machine game.

These are our tips and tricks for getting the best chance of winning a jackpot when you play. Why not add these into your online slot strategy and see how you get on at some of the top sites?

Choosing the Best Game

There are a few different versions of the Rainbow Riches slots game. These include the Pots of Gold feature and Pick n Mix, both of which have some unique bonus options.

We recommend choosing the game which has the best bonuses that will give you more chance of getting a win. The Wishing Well bonus feature has different maximum prizes depending on which variation of the game you play. So be sure to go with the game that has the best bonus opportunities.

Check out the Rainbow Riches Slot Original and use the hints and features. You can also enjoy bonus games and bigger wins with the Rainbow Riches Megaways that come with 117,649 lines or the jackpot Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold.

The Big Bets Feature

When playing Rainbow Riches, there is a Big Bets feature available that gives you a bigger chance of getting a return from online casinos.

The RTP values for the standard Rainbow Riches games are between 93% and 94%. But use the Big Bets feature and the Return to Player percentages go up to as much as 99%!

Only Choose One Bonus Feature

With the Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix slot, you can choose up to three bonus features. However, you don’t have to choose all three, it can actually work in your favour just to choose one. But how does this work?

If you only choose one bonus feature, you increase your chances of hitting the winning combination for that bonus. Don’t forget to choose the feature that offers the highest payout amounts, for example ‘Pots of Gold’.

They might not appear straight away so it could take some patience. The trick is to keep betting the lowest amount possible until you land it on the reels.

Use Super Spins

This is a bit of a risky tactic, so be sure to gamble responsibly here. It could land you a big win, or alternatively, it could lose you a lot. To activate Super Spins, you need to bet £20 per spin.

The Super Spins feature will give you two things:

  • Increases your RTP to the highest value, up to 98% in some cases.
  • Makes the winning symbols wild and sticky. So if you choose the ‘Pots of Gold’ bonus, the pot symbols acts as a wild and also sticks on the reels. This means if you land two pots in your first couple of Super Spins, they’ll stick and you only need one more to get the top prize.

We would advise setting a betting limit at the beginning of this round to avoid overspending and losing a large amount of money.

Choose Golden Charms

The next of our Rainbow Riches cheats is to select the Golden Charms game variation. The Wishing Wells bonus doesn’t always pay out the most, sometimes it pays out as low as £2, with the Fields of Gold version offering a top prize of £25. However, it can pay out up to £50, but the only version of the game that offers the highest amount is, you guessed it, Golden Charms.

Another tip to be aware of here is that you shouldn’t go for the prize when playing this game. Instead, wait for the session to time out, it’s not guaranteed but there is some suggestion that you could land the top prize this way.

The Leprechaun Bonus

You can find a few hidden bonuses amongst the standard features of the game. One of these is the Leprechaun bonus which activates when you land 3-5 leprechaun symbols on the reels.

This could win you a prize of up to £500, but the prize could also be as low as £8. It’s not clear why the winning amount fluctuates so much, but rumour has it that larger bet amounts give you more chance of grabbing the top prize.

The Clover Trick

In the original Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold version of the game, there is a mega spin feature available with a bet of £20 per spin. You get 5 spins with this feature and it also increases your RTP a little bit.

The unique part about this feature is the Lucky Clover bonus that you get after the five free spins if you won £5 or above on any of these spins. If you get the Lucky Clover, you will win prize money 4x times your bet.

As well as that, you’ll receive multiple bonus rounds including the Leprechaun’s bonus, Super Leprechaun’s and the Pots of Gold bonus. These all give you the chance of even bigger wins! Give this Rainbow Riches cheat a go and see if it works for you.

Put These Cheats to the Test

Why not have a go at using some of our top tips on the Rainbow Riches slot game. There are plenty of different tricks out there that players have discovered to boost bonuses and winnings. It’s one of the most popular online slot machines with plenty of ways to win.

If you enjoyed our post about Rainbow Riches cheats, feel free to sign up and play yourself as one of the latest online slot brands. Make the most of the top Rainbow Riches sites or play for free and win real money using the Rainbow Riches free spins. You will be able to play the likes of Rainbow Riches classic slot or the variation such as Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix.

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