Buzz Bingo Near Me

Buzz Bingo, have many clubs across the UK. Have a look at the list below to find the closest Buzz Bingo club to you.

The above list will show you the Buzz Bingo halls across the United Kingdom. Have a look through to find the Gala closest to you.

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Buzz Bingo Hall Locations

Buzz Bingo halls – previously known as Gala and sites are one of the UK’s biggest and most popular operators. It’s great to be one of the biggest, but first and foremost Buzz prides itself on being the most trusted and responsible.

Over the past twenty years the family has swelled to over five million members, both up and down the country at our bingo-halls, and online too. Their philosophy is and always has been, to build up a sense of community through entertainment, and to bring people together to have fun.

If you were wondering ‘Is there a Buzz Bingo near me?’ the chances are pretty high. You see, they have over 143 clubs throughout the United Kingdom. That’s over 143 chances to meet new people, to have fun, and hopefully win some superb prizes as well.

They offer so much more than just bingo, too. They’ve also got big-name slot machines such as Rainbow Riches games, Monopoly, Coronation Street, The Chase and Ted. They also have Gala Gold, which are games that are exclusive to us here at Buzz. Not only that, but their halls offer food and drink facilities, so round up a few friends, have a few drinks and a bite to eat, play to your hearts content and make a night of it.

Buzz can even arrange reserved private seating and special gaming offers if you have a party of people, so book with them for your special event and enjoy our famous hospitality and fantastic prizes.

Buzz Bingo Locations

With over 143 clubs nationwide and a staggering five million members to date, there is sure to be a Buzz-Bingo in your area.

Why not scroll down our list of halls to see where your nearest Buzz Bingo locations are. We look forward to welcoming you to the family!

There are various other casino clubs available too. Genting Casino locations can be found all over the UK and are becoming very popular, just like Buzz.

List of Buzz Bingo Halls

If you need to see a list of Buzz Bingo halls to find out where your closest opportunity to make new friends and win big is, simply use our directory page on our website. There, you can scroll through a list of our many halls up and down the UK to find which halls are closest to you.

It’s FREE to join and with so many halls to choose from, you could be on your way to joining the community sooner than you think.

Club Offers

Buzz pays out over £2 million daily in prizes and there are over 350,000 winners each and every month, but if that still isn’t enough to get you excited then maybe our club offers will.

For a start, there are no joining fees with Buzz, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. How about a guaranteed daily jackpot of £2,000? Not enough? Okay, how about a guaranteed win every day when you spend £10? And that’s just the bingo; they also have a huge range of slots and games with different guaranteed jackpots too, so there’s plenty to keep you entertained and more chances to win.

All of the Buzz-Bingo halls have different club offers but all of them offer great value for money, a fair chance to win and an unrivaled thrill of the chase, all in a safe and fun environment.

Times and Prices

Times and prices for our halls can vary according to location and day of the week, so it’s best to check with your local Buzz-Bingo hall to find out their times and prices.

Clubs Prices

Each Buzz clubs prices may be different. This may be due to the location of the hall, the day you are wanting to come and play with us, or the actual time of day. Peak hours may be more expensive than quieter times of the day, so it’s worth checking out first if you are concerned.

Games can start from as little as 25p depending on the offers being run by your local hall, so check with them to see which are the best offers for you.

Buzz Bingo Price List

The prices of the sessions will vary from area to area, so if you want to know how much sessions are at your specific local hall then it’s best to check out the Buzz Bingo price list for more information.

Simply use the directory of our website to find your local hall and a Buzz-Bingo price list for that hall will be available. Generally speaking, the more you buy, the cheaper the games become. The more games you play, the more fun you have.

How Much is Buzz Bingo Tonight?

So, how much is Buzz Bingo tonight? Well, prices will vary according to location, the day you want to visit and the time you would like to play. Evenings and weekends tend to be our busiest time, so you may find that these sessions will book up faster than other quieter times during the day or throughout the week.

However, popularity of time slots will also depend upon the different club offers that are available, so it’s worth checking with your local hall as some may be cheaper than others due to the promotions that they are currently running.

Club Membership

Club membership with Buzz-Bingo is your ticket to a world of fun, excitement, thrills and potential big prizes. Buzz prides themselves on a ‘Play Happy’ policy, that’s what Buzz-Bingo is really about. The banter between players and our staff is what makes Buzz so popular and why it continues to attract new members to the family.

New friendships are formed over the excitement of waiting for those numbers to pop up and the thrill of wondering if the next number that is called will be the one to win the game. Come and join today; club membership at one of our Buzz Bingo halls is a world of excitement, adventure, and cash prizes in a safe, relaxed and fun environment.

There are a number of other options available too, like Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor. For information on Mecca memberships, please visit our Mecca Bingo location page.

About Gala Coral Group Ltd

Gala Coral Group Limited was formerly owned by private equity firms Candover Investments, Cinven and Permira. It is now known as Buzz Bingo. It was a British betting shop and bingo and casino operator. The headquarters is located in Nottingham (Gala Bingo and Casino), Stratford (Coral bookies) and Woking (Gala Coral Remote Gaming).

A lot of the business was move to Gibraltar in 2011. This includes the remote gaming division. The merge with Ladrokes was announced in July 2015 and in October of that year they sold Buzz Bingo to Caledonia Investments for £241 million. The Ladbrokes merge was complete in November 2016. For more information about Ladbrokes shops, make sure to read our Ladbrokes page.

Buzz has 137 clubs in the UK. There are about 5 million bingo members in Buzz; 1.2 million are active players. There are around 600,000 admissions each week.

The first GBP millionaire at Buzz was Pauline Clarke who was a pensioner (aged 62). This happened on 31 July 2007 after a tie break against another online player occurred.

Find Out More

Find out more about Buzz Bingo locations by speaking to our team and reading our reviews. We will be happy to show you the very best offers and let you know the closest halls to you!

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