Bingo Millions Game

Bingo Millions is a multi-variety bingo game created by Mutuel Play LTD in 2019, one that has quickly become a fairly popular option among certain circles of players.

While it keeps the general themes straightforward and simple, the biggest draw of any of the variants is the massive jackpot potential on offer, especially with the Mega version that runs every three or four months across different sites.

If you’re interested in trying Bingo Millions, then here’s a breakdown of what to expect, how you play it, and what kind of bonuses are on offer.

What is Bingo Millions?

Bingo Millions, at its core, is just a standard addition to the bingo world that uses regular bingo rooms. If you have played at least one regular bingo game before, then you know what to expect: a classic, easy-to-understand game that fits quite a broad range of players.

The biggest differences with each version of Bingo Millions compared to similar games is the amount of funds involved. Under the right circumstances, it’s possible to end up winning insanely high jackpot amounts, all while not putting much of your own funds at risk.

Mutuel Play LTD, the company that created the game, is named after Pari Mutuel (mutual betting), a French term relating to how betting works. Mutuel Play has created a system where every player is placed in a pool against the house, so customers aren’t fighting one another to try and be the luckier player at the expense of somebody else.

You can get a strip of tickets if you want to play a full strip at once, which can increase your chances of winning and make the process easier. The actual size of the strip depends on the variant since some have a larger strip than others.

How to Play Bingo Millions

Bingo Millions plays just like any other bingo game you might have touched in the past: individual ball calls tell you which numbers should be marked off on your tickets, and when somebody wins with one of their tickets, they get the winnings from that round – then the game resets. Players can purchase between one and sixty tickets at a time, depending on the variety of the game that they’re playing.

Once the game starts, it’s just a case of waiting to see if you get any winning tickets. Auto-daub is enabled, so you don’t have to be actively ticking off each number on your ticket: you can leave games running, and your tickets will be marked automatically as numbers are called.

The paytable is always on display during the game, showing you how you can win and what the current state of your tickets is. Each variety of Bingo Millions has a point where players can no longer win anything for finishing a line, and to avoid this, there is a maximum number of calls: if the game passes this without a single full house, it continues until somebody does, then splits the tiny prize between all players.

Is It Just Bingo?

Bingo Millions is still a very different game in a technical sense, and one of them is the lack of any real impact from player numbers. In typical bingo games, more players can alter the overall winnings that players can get and reduce the chances of a specific player being the winner. In Bingo Millions, this isn’t the case since they’re all pre-set, and you’re playing against the site itself.

While this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll ever get the bingo bonus jackpot, it at least means that you’re always on the same playing field: your odds don’t get worse just because more people are playing that day.

Balls are called, which then marks off the place with the same number on your ticket. Once the right strips or lines are cleared, it’s considered a success, and you’re awarded a prize (or multiple prizes) based on your result, and this prize goes back into your account as cash. This means that you can use your success prize to buy more tickets in search of even more prizes if you want.

Other than that, it’s the same type of game you’ll see on any top bingo website or in any casino, but with a few twists. Mutuel Play has managed to keep the prize table easy to understand.

Bingo Millions Variants

Bingo Millions is split into multiple variants based on the number of balls in play. This means that you have some choice when it comes to how you’ll play, although the base gameplay is always the same – it just influences the rate that the rounds play out, as well as how many balls are actually being used and how long the game lasts before the ‘points of no return’ kick in.

Note that all of these games are still the game idea underneath, just different variants. Bonus money and win rates can vary, as can some other details about the technical side of how they work (like the number of ball calls before there can be no more winners), but you’re still playing the same basic game.

Bingo Millions 90 Ball

Bingo Millions 90-ball bingo is the largest variant of the game. Bingo Millions 90-ball instant wins have the same odds as most of the other games, although the larger number of balls increases the threshold where you can still potentially get a proper win before the game ends.

Since you’re playing against the house, the Bingo Millions 90-ball instant winnings aren’t impacted by other players – this means that any Bingo Millions 90-ball instant cash you get is based on the game or jackpot alone.

Bingo Millions 80 Ball

The Bingo Millions 80-ball bingo variant is the intermediate option, relying on 80 balls instead of 90. This makes the rounds slightly shorter and reduces the chance of everybody getting a win by the end of the game, but it can also bump up the bingo bonus wins (as well as your winnings overall).

Like any other variant, it still plays like a regular game and offers a good prize for regular strip wins, so it’s easy to learn.

Bingo Millions 75 Ball

Bingo Millions 75-ball games are the smallest variant in scope and end the fastest. However, this can make the game profits slightly higher in some cases since there are fewer chances for a ticket to actually win.

Success is riskier but definitely worth it. The prize can still vary with this variant, so remember to actually check what you’re about to win.

Special Features

The main special feature of Bingo Millions is, as the name suggests, the fact that you can quickly become a millionaire. Each version of the game has regular jackpots that are fixed at £1 (for the instant win versions), and the non-instant-win version can have seeded progressive jackpots that begin at £1.5 million. This can make any player an instant millionaire with just a single lucky win.

The Mega versions of the games are even more extreme. These only run every few months, but they have a jackpot of at least £10 million, all of which are funded by an insurance policy rather than ticket sales (meaning that the jackpots shouldn’t suddenly lower due to fewer players).

There aren’t really any other special features, but that’s not a bad thing. When you play Bingo Millions, the focus is purely on the jackpot rather than any minigames or other small bonuses, which can make it a good option for an aspiring millionaire who doesn’t have time for other distractions or a smaller prize pool.

A jackpot isn’t always running, especially the larger ones. Some of the odds for winning them can be higher than winning a local lottery, but at least there isn’t any wagering requirement or lifetime deposits restriction involved: if you happen to win as a new player who only bought a few tickets, then that just means that you were lucky.


The jackpots are won by getting a full house in between 15 and 30 calls, at least for the standard 90-ball game. This means that you have to be extremely lucky with your bingo ticket – a full house so early is an incredibly rare thing. Get a full house before that limit, and you’ll instantly win that bingo bonus jackpot on whichever of your tickets win.

People who play Bingo Millions are most likely to get a full house around the 50-64 range (in the 90-ball version), and the exact odds will change over time or between variants, but it’s always going to be a very rare occurrence. There isn’t a prize pattern, either – the jackpot isn’t scripted or scheduled in any way.

These jackpots have certain rules once you earn them, but that’s something that you will need to handle as it happens. The terms and conditions aren’t like regular bonus details, so you won’t need to worry about things like a “max bonus conversion” limit from the terms and conditions stifling your winnings. These jackpots don’t come to the prize table often, but they’re very desirable winnings.

Remember that bingo jackpot wins don’t operate in the same way as things like slot spins; winnings like this fall within a limit, so it’s possible to end up hitting the jackpot even if one of the calls is wrong for your ticket. After a certain point, though, there may not be enough calls left to fill out your ticket – a sign that you didn’t get the jackpot money this time.

Bingo Millions Bonuses

There aren’t any other direct bonuses in the game, although this doesn’t discount the bonuses in specific sites, such as a Buzz Bingo welcome bonus. Buzz Bingo have even run bonuses that directly applied to this game, although like all companies, not all Buzz Bingo bonuses will be permanent and must promotions expire eventually.

If you’re desperate for better use of your money, you could look at sites like Buzz Bingo to find out-of-game bonuses that still apply. However, it’s best to just keep playing normally – the loss of a Buzz Bingo promo code is nothing compared to a £10 million jackpot, which is almost Las Vegas levels of potential wealth.

Special Bonuses

Since there are no special bonuses on the tickets, it doesn’t matter which strips or spaces you mark off first. The order of ball calls doesn’t influence the strips on your tickets in any major way, so you won’t miss out on prizes due to a called ball that makes you miss a certain strip or space.

In fact, this non-strip-based system means that lines and strips aren’t something you need to stress about unless you’ve missed the chance for a full house.

Mutuel Play LTD’s lack of bonuses may be related to the fact that the game keeps each player equal and doesn’t really vary the ticket price.

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